Experience the magic Saint-Tropez!

International tourist City, become a myth, Saint-Tropez contributed to the fame of Côte d'Azur
Discover the charm of Saint Tropez life
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HDEuro-festival Harley Davidson

11-14/05. Bikers of all kinds, bikers from all walks of life, Harley enthusiasts, the Harley Davidson Euro Festival: 3 days of rock and road. More than 10,000 people pass through the three days
Brigitte Bardot- saint TropezBrigitte Bardot, Myth of Saint-Tropez

.Until to 15/01/2018. Exhibition Brigitte Bardot at the Gendarmerie and Cinéma Museum
.Night of museums. 20 May: free admission, Citadel Museum, Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum, Butterfly Museum- Musée Dany Lartigue

Saint-TropezBeaches in Saint-Tropez...

11 km from the town coast conceals many coves and beaches. Description of public and private beaches from April to September open with unparalleled comfort ... .more

voiles-latinesVoiles latines in Saint-Tropez

25-28/05. St Tropez remains the symbol of the vitality of the Mediterranean maritime culture with more than 60 boats present, old rigs, sharp, Marseilles or Catalan boats, feluccas, gozzos, tarquiers or tartanons
Saint TropezPort Saint-Tropez

Port of Saint-Tropez is the most famous in the world... regattas, mooring, marine weather...
Port information
.13-14/05. Régate des Bravades
.Ports around Saint-Tropez
Photo Saint-TropezGrand Prix Photo. Saint-Tropez

29/04/21/05. 4th edition of the "Grand prix international de photos de Saint-Tropez". It is an innovative concept that offers both: an international photographic contest, an exhibition, an auction. Vasserot

Bailli de SuffrenAgnes Malecki
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Camp du Domaine

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